Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twiitter, Instagram, etc! We have you covered.

With 1.7 Billion active users on Facebook, we are able to network to more people than a radio ad for less. We notice the potential of reaching out and networking via social media. We focus on networking on those sites, to reach more traffic.

As days progress, it becomes harder to keep up with all social media outlets. This is where we come in. If your brand needs an update, daily, weekly, or monthly, My Brand 360 has you covered.

As new opportunities arise, we will exploit them to expand your brand. As we know, Instagram and Snapchat are taking over, so we will use geotags and market your brand further through those outlets. My Brand 360 takes pride in keeping you updated with all technologies.

E-Mail Marketing

Lets reach out by starting an e-mail subscription!

We like to give our clients of the option of having e-mail marketing. The importance of sending a daily, weekly, or monthly update of your brand or product is underestimated.

one of our services we provide is creating and setting up your personal business email via your domain. With this combination of email marketing and email hosting, we can create a no-reply email for your promotions, updates, or ads.



Dreamhost has served us a as reliable server provider for a few years now. They provide this great service for our clients.


E-Commerce can be tricky. Shopify helps us bring more features to your brand in a safe manner and secure your payments.


We partnered up with Google to aquire your available domains and provide AdWord services.